Thematic part

history of science, art, culture and technology
historiography, history of science, historians
auxiliary historical sciences and other related fields
sociology, psychology, sociologists, psychologists,
philosophy, philosophers
economics, economists
legal science, political science, lawyers, political scientists
history of ideas, ideologies
history of art, patronage
architecture, architects
painting, painters
sculpture, sculptors, carving
handicrafts, material culture
music, dance, musical instruments
theater, film, photography
history of literature, languages and books
literature, writers
language, script
history of books
studies of ethnic areas
history of Slavonic Studies
history of study of non-Slavonic areas
education, pedagogy, teachers, youth care
media, advertising, public opinion
journalism, press
TV, radio
new information media
history of science
mathematics, cybernetics
physical sciences
chemical sciences, alchemy
inanimate nature sciences, natural environment
life sciences
history of health care, physicians
medicine, spa, hospitals, hospices
medical technology/technics
diseases, epidemics
veterinary medicine
history of technology
mechanical engineering
electronics, communications and computer equipment/technology
energetical facilities
civil engineering
mining and metallurgical technology
transport engineering
aviation equipment, astronautics
clocks and astronomical clocks
history of sports and tramping
individual sports
sport associations, sport clubs
history of games, entertainment and customs
clothing, food

General Section

organisation of historical work
archival science
history of archival science
Czech and Czechoslovak archives, archival records
foreign archives
library science
history of library science
Czech and Czechoslovak libraries, book collections
foreign libraries
museums, museology
history of museology
Czech and Czechoslovak museums, galleries, exhibitions
foreign museums and galleries
exhibitions and exhibition management
Czech and Czechoslovak exhibitions
foreign exhibitions
scientific institutions, societies, associations, universities
history of scientific institutions
Czech and Czechoslovak scientific institutions
foreign scientific institutions
Czech conferences, congresses
international conferences, congresses
teaching history
history of teaching history
teaching history - individuals
textbooks, university textbooks, teaching aids
history teaching abroad
historic preservation, restoration
history of historic preservation
individual historical monuments
historic preservation - individuals
historic preservation abroad
Czech magazines and anthologies (history)
Czech periodicals
Czech anthologies
foreign periodicals and anthologies
history of bibliography, bibliographers
general bibliographies
field bibliographies
regional bibliographies
personal bibliographies
dictionaries, encyclopaedias
history of dictionaries and encyclopaedic literature
general dictionaries, encyclopaedias
field dictionaries
geographical dictionaries
biographical dictionaries
linguistic dictionaries
related disciplines
regional and ethnographic work
history of regional and ethnographic work, individuals
organisation of ethnographic work
chronicle writing in regions
legends, myths, fairy tales
regional and ethnographic work abroad
historical geography, cartography and topography
history of historical geography and cartography, individuals
historical geography
history of historical geography, individuals
historical cartography, atlases
history of historical cartography, individuals
foreign historical geography and cartography
books of travels, travellers
historical onomastics and toponomastics
history of historical onomastics, toponomastics, individuals
historical onomastics
history of historical onomastics, individuals
historical toponomastics
history of historical toponomastics, individuals
foreign historical onomastics and toponomastics
historical demography and statistics
history of historical demography and statistics, individuals
historical demography
history of historical demography, individuals
historical statistics
history of historical statistics, individuals
foreign historical demography and statistics
ethnography, folklore studies and ethnology
history of ethnography
regions and ethnic groups, open-air folk museums
ethnography, individuals
foreign ethnography
history of archeology
archaeological methodology and organisation, experimental archaeology
aerial archaeology
archaeological excavations, archaeology in museums and archives
geoarcheology, archaeogeophysics
mining archaeology
chemistry in archaeology
speleo archaeology, underwater archaeology, etc.
archaeology, individuals
manuscripts and old prints
old prints

Chronological part - the history of the Czech lands (including Slovakia)

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