BDČZ - Biblography of the History of the Czech Lands

This is a continuous programme of creation, processing and evaluation of a comprehensive bibliographic database of Czech studies literature. It is a continuation of the project of field (historical) bibliography which has been continuously lasting in the Czech Lands since 1905. Nowadays modern methods are applied to these processes and data provided in the framework of this project undoubtedly belong to essential sources of information for historical sciences and related fields.

The aim of our project is to further develop online accessible database of the Czech historical bibliography as interim and retrospective bibliography (Bibliography of the Czech Lands history, abbr. BDČZ) and publishing of other partial outputs in printed format or on data carriers. Another important task is the integration of BDČZ into the system of European national historical bibliographies in the framework of these two international projects: European Historical Bibliographies (Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften) and Literaturdokumentation zur Geschichte Ostmitteleuropas (Herder-Instiut Marburg).

BDČZ was included as a priority project in the framework of social sciences and humanities in the Roadmap Czech Republic - large infrastructures for research, experimental development and innovation whose text was approved by the Government on March 15, 2010. This strategic document was created in response to the European roadmap (ESFRI Roadmap and reflects in itself the involvement of Czech large infrastructures into the European Research Area).

On the basis of a public tender in 2012, a contract for work on complex software providing for bibliography with KP-SYS Ltd was signed. The subject of this contract is to support the library software Verbis, the Portaro WWW-OPAC modules OAI-PMH provider / harvester, Z39.50 server, etc.

Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands
Recipient: Historical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
Investigator: Dr. Vaclava Horčáková
Provider: MSM - Ministry of Education Youth and Sports (MŠMT)
Program: LM - Projects of Large Research, Development and Innovation Infrastructures (2010-2015)
Duration: 2012-2016

In 2016, work was completed on the project of Ministry of Education Youth and Sports no. LM2011018. Database development still continues. The agreement with KP-SYS about software support has been extended for another five years. At present, the project is funded with institutional funds of the Institute of History, Czech Academy of Sciences and is also supported by the Strategy AV 21.

Another output of the project is the Union Catalogue of the Bibliography of Czech and Slovak Historiography which allows access to the databases Bibliography of the History of the Czech lands, Bibliography of the History of Slovakia and Bibliography of the Czech archival science and enables their common search in Czech, Slovak, German, English and French.