Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands (abbr. BDČZ) provides a free public access to the internet database which currently contains more than 420,000 entries of the professional literature since 1990 (selectively since 1945).

All records are freely available without registration. Records marked with show full text.

Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands since 1990 (selectively since 1945)

Historical bibliography database includes inputs from professional and scientific literature from the history field and also from related disciplines (such as archeology, ethnology, legal science, literature, conservation, historical geography and cartography, historical onomastics and toponomastics, historical demography, etc.) since 1990 (selectively since 1945).

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The aim is to achieve the most comprehensive information, a summary of all available production including extensive regional literature. Our database also informs about the theoretical and methodological thinking of the Czech historical community and brings information on research projects and reports from scientific life and observes Czech history in an international context. Separate sections are devoted to the issues such as teaching history as a school subject, studying history and to the history of education. The domestic and foreign research outputs on J. A. Comenius have been systematically monitored as well. Data are collected mainly by autopsies, which means processing the literature collection from the library of the Historical Institute of the Czech Republic and from other libraries. The result is a data set that offers an unique content, especially in terms of articles, reviews and reports which are not included in any other available departmental database in this extent.

Czech Historical Review 1895-2012

Index database of the Czech Historical Review summarizes the content of each year’s volume of this significant scientific periodical since its inception in 1895 until 2012 (a total of 110 years).

Excerpted documents

Excerpted documents database provides an overview of all journals, conference anthologies and monographies whose parts (studies, articles, chapters) were broken down into partial databases of the BDČZ. Apart from that, our bibliographical database also provides its users with an overview of websites of domestic and foreign periodicals and their contents.

This is a continuous programme of creation, processing and evaluation of a comprehensive bibliographic database of Czech studies literature. It is a continuation of the project of field (historical) bibliography which has been continuously lasting in the Czech Lands since 1905.

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Union Catalogue

Bibliography of the Czech and Slovak historiography

Union catalog allows access to the database Bibliography of the History of the Czech lands, Bibliography of the History of Slovakia and Bibliography of the Czech archival science and enables their common search. Catalog was supported by the project „Bibliography of the History of the Czech Lands“ of the program Projects of Large Research, Development and Innovation Infrastructures no. LM2011018, the provider was the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of the Czech Republic.



14th historical-geographic conference

On January 24th, 2018, the Charles University – Faculty of Science, hosted the 14th historical-geographic conference on Borders as a symbol of ambition and common interests. Markéta Marková presented on the borders in the Middle Ages and their specifics at the conference.


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